So who is this Dom D. Scheers?

Dom is a part-time author - full-time funny guy. He's self-taught the art of witty-prose, has a comma/apostrophe disability but a firm grasp of compelling story writing.

He grew up on acreage in 'peanut country', so still gets easily frustrated by traffic, crowds and waiting in takeaway lines. Most of his fondest childhood memories involve his exploring the Stuart River valley with his crazy dog, Blue. That dog ate mudflaps, ran all day, followed him everywhere, and then died of snout cancer one day after Dom had left for college.

He doesn't like nostalgia, or the heat, or short winter's days and prefers to be indoors. So is pasty-pale like a vampire. His chief hobby is working in his butt-groove. This involves hours spent writing most days and watching serialized TV in the evenings.

He doesn't enjoy picnics or strolls in the evening or Sunday drives. But he fake loves them sometimes to impress the most wonderful person he's ever met. Not often enough, she says.

Like most people his vintage, he lives through his youth - when he was still a good dancer, was fit, a power-lifter and, he'd tell you just quietly, a bit of a lad with the ladies.

His mom and dad are intense and geeky and gave him everything. Both his sisters have lots of friends and more interesting lives.

So it goes. He lives in Branyan Queensland with the Liv of his life and two small rat eating mammals.

Dom D. Scheers in China!